How can a Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse/Night Nanny) help you?

Why hire a Newborn Care Specialist?


The hospital handed you a human what?

Babies don't come with manuals or instructions.  By hiring an NCS/Baby Nurse/Night Nanny, you're one step ahead!  Your NCS is trained to teach you how much sleep your baby needs, how to read and interpret your baby's cues, how to spot common newborn ailments to bring to the pediatrician's attention, what awake time activities to do with your newborn to promote growth and development, and  be your support system.  In addition, you and your significant other get to sleep all night so you can be more alert and focused during the day for your little one and each other!

Sleep Facts:

• Moms who get a good stretch of sleep at night have a decreased risk of developing postpartum depression.

• Getting restful sleep may help increase milk supply if breastfeeding.

• Babies and children grow and develop when they’re sleeping.

• Newborns can sleep up to 18 hours per day. 

• Babies who are granted the opportunity to learn good sleep habits from the start are less likely to have sleep issues later.  

What is sleep learning/training?

Most people hear "sleep training" and automatically think it's allowing tiny babies to cry all night.  That is not the case!  When done appropriately, there is not a lot of crying.  During the time frame you choose to hire an NCS/Baby Nurse/Night Nanny, she will slowly push the nighttime feedings to elimination and those nighttime calories get transferred to the daytime.  However, nighttime can't be successful without the daytime being in place, so it's a partnership between you and your NCS.

Your NCS will provide daily and/or weekly guidance.

The NCS is only there at nighttime, but will guide you through how to navigate the daytime with your baby.  If you're ever unclear about what to be doing, all you have to do is ask!